19: Saying bye to basic social media packages

So long are the days of #livelaughlove and Valencia filters! The apps have evolved as should our businesses and the way we package our social media offerings. If you are still offering a photo only package you are doing a disservice to your clients. Today we're going to dissect your social media management packages to evolve to the current social landscape. It's okay to step outside the box and embrace what is going to move the needle for your clients. 

  • How to adapt your social media packages to the ever-evolving app
  • How to keep up with the social media updates
  • How to introduce video based packages to your clients 
  • Fun ways to elevate your client packages 
  • What to do if you're uncomfortable with app updates
  • How to change your expectations + that of your clients to meet today's reality 
  • Understanding UGC! 

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