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Hosted by: Gabriella Galante

Whether you've just launched your social media management business or you're well on your way – it's time for a serious glow-up. No more playing small, living in your client's Instagram accounts, or working 13...

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23. How to Protect Yourself With Contracts ft Jaime Bell

Today we have a very special guest, Jaime Bell from The Contracts Market, and we're chatting all things contracts as a service provider.In today's episode, you'll learn: The number one clause every social media...
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22. 15 Habits Stopping You From Achieving Next-Level Results

Sometimes we can think we're doing all the right things to attract that kind of clients and income we desire – but there's something getting in the way. In today's episode we're going to uncover the core things...
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21. Knowing your ROLE as a social media professional with Geisha Garcia

Social media manager, strategist, content creator – it's time to narrow in on what you actually are to be doing for your clients. Over the past few years the social media profession has evolved and changed. Today I'm...
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20. Secrets for signing world class clients + how to navigate client expectations with Ruth Goudie of 1M2S PR

Today we have VP + General Manager + Partner of 1 Milk 2 Sugars, Ruth Goudie on the show. If you're a social media professional, agency owner, or aspiring agency owner, you do not want to miss this! Ruth has seen it...
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19: Saying bye to basic social media packages

So long are the days of #livelaughlove and Valencia filters! The apps have evolved as should our businesses and the way we package our social media offerings. If you are still offering a photo only package you are...
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18: Turning biz breakdowns into biz breakthroughs

As business owners we go through it. The ups, the downs, the lulls, the fears, all of the things! In today's episode we're going to run down how to turn your business breakdowns into breakthroughs. I'm sharing my...
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The Mid Year Biz Check In Didn't Know You Needed

Six months into 2022 – it's time for your biz check-in! You're likely evolving from where you started back in January. Do your actions reflect where you are today?In today's episode we're going to cover the key areas...
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Stop making things HARD!

Sometimes we need to take a step by and ask how selves "how can we make this easier?" When we get in our heads about all the things we need to do we can easily talk ourselves out of what we desire. But no more!  I'm...
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What to do when it feels like the world is against you

In today's episode I'm sharing the best business and life advice I learned from IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima, and Drybar founder Alli Webb. These lessons were life changing and are going to be vital to hear if...
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How to Land High Caliber Clients

Today's episode is pulled from our three part live series on landing high caliber clients! Part one and two can be found saved on Instagram live - https://www.instagram.com/ggandcocreative/   News flash – your mindset...
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How to Balance Work and Travel Without Letting Your Clients Down ✈️

I've been travelling for work this week and want to share all the tips on how you can have both the fun vacation and grow your business.  You have the power to design the life you love and the business you love. The...
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Rock Your Next Sales Call

Stuttering and heart pumping who? After today's episode you'll know you CAN ace every sales call confidently—one where a YES from your ideal clients is no longer an option, but a no-brainer decision. defining...
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