20. Secrets for signing world class clients + how to navigate client expectations with Ruth Goudie of 1M2S PR

Today we have VP + General Manager + Partner of 1 Milk 2 Sugars, Ruth Goudie on the show. If you're a social media professional, agency owner, or aspiring agency owner, you do not want to miss this! Ruth has seen it all, and in today's episode we're pealing back the layers of what it's like to work in digital marketing and run a communications agency. Tune in to find out:

  • Secrets for signing world class clients + what to do to prepare for the call
  • Day to day life as a VP of a global agency 
  • How to navigate client expectations 
  • How to structure + delegate your team so you have less turnover 
  • Navigating the return to corporate after being your own boss 

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